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A modern design classic that is as relevant today as it was when it was designed back in the early sixties

Photo Gallery of Barbican Basin

The iconic Barbican Handrinse Basin by Twyfords is as relevant today as it was when it was designed in the early 1960's.


The basin has a bold rectilinear form which is modestly eased by its subtle architectural curves and corner radii. The unique design incorporates a soap dish, hidden toilet roll spindle and mixer outlet with an innovative splashback feature that is integral to the ceramic basin. Whilst this product is quite a hefty volume of ceramic, when installed in it's vertical and inset orientation, it has a minimal projection which has a tiny impact on the circulation of any small or narrow space. These features make the Barbican a very successful and effective solution for small spaces that require a handrinse basin. Since it was discontinued in 2017, the now obsolete handrinse basin is firmly established as a piece of modern design history that is greatly missed.


Architects, interior designers and house renovators continue to scour the obsolete stockists and reclamation yards in search of this ideal and much sought after solution to a small space cloakroom/wc.  The Barbican remains to be the basin that serves its purpose like no other. Whilst you may find the odd ceramic basin here and there, it is the bespoke brass fittings/taps unique to the Barbican that have become most rare.

Please refer to our stock page to view all the components that make up a complete Barbican basin installation.


A recent interior project by

Close up detail photography of the Barbican handrinse by



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