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The award winning design is now a permanent exhibit at The Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

The award winning Twyford's Barbican Basin

The iconic Barbican Handrinse Basin by Twyfords takes it name from the Barbican Estate in London for which it was first made.

The groundbreaking design won a Design Council Award in 1966 and is a permanent exhibit at The Victorian and Albert Museum in London.

This remarkable product was manufactured for over 50 years up until 2017 when it was finally discontinued by Twyford Geberit. 

This modern design classic has featured in a number of articles, documents and brochures which are provided below. Also included are a series of links of interest for further reading which we hope you enjoy!

Barbican basin advertising literature

links of interest

Twyfords Barbican basin brochure sheet

credits thank Terry Woolliscroft and Munroe Blair, former employees of the Twyfords company for their assistance with compiling the information and content of this website.


Terry Woolliscroft worked in the marketing team but also was involved in maintaining the Twyfords archive. Terry very kindly facilitated a dialogue between and Munroe Blair which has enabled us to present an accurate account of the development of the Barbican and Parmis products


Munroe Blair was a young designer at Twyfords and later became Product Development Manager.

He was at the centre of the development of the Barbican handrinse basin, meeting Michael Hohmann the designer of the Barbican when he visited the Twyfords factory. is very grateful to Munroe Blair for sharing his firsthand knowledge and experience of the Barbican and Parmis products.

Please vist our stock page to learn more about the Parmis handrinse basin.

Twyfords Barbican basin brochure sheet
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